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Rainguard Pro Water Solutions

Rainguard Brands is an independently owned and operated business known internationally for its commitment to creating innovative and solution-based products. Through our portfolio of brands – Rainguard Water Sealers, RainguardPro, IsoFree, Micro-Seal, and VandlGuard – our mission is to create architectural and industrial coatings that are eco-friendly and safe for the applicator, end-user, and environment.

Since 1969, we have been manufacturing products designed to “wrap” the exterior of buildings and structures. This focus has allowed us to provide coating solutions for projects throughout the world ranging from Walmart buildings nationwide, large infrastructure facilities, to the Athens Olympic Stadium. Rainguard Brands develops scientifically proven formulations for both horizontal and vertical surface applications including an extensive line of wood, concrete, masonry waterproof coatings, sealers, stains, anti-graffiti coatings, and cleaner products.

Product Categories


VG 7001 00
VandlGuard Original (1 Gal)

Water Repellents

CR 0300 00
Super Stucco (1 Gal)

Floor Coatings

PU 1403 00
Polyurethane HD (4 Gal Kit)


SI 0105 00
Micro-Seal SiH4 100 (5 Gal)

Micro Seal

CR 2405 00 1
Micro-Seal HD (32 Oz)


VG 7301 00
VandlClean Super (1 Gal)


CR 1527 00
Plugger 25 (32 Oz)

Cool Coat

SP 2111 00

Cool Coat Elastomeric (5G)