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Outlast specializes in wood treatment products for log homes, exterior wood siding, fences, pressure treated lumber and decking. They offer an EPA-registered – (EPA REG. NO. 81819-1) – wood preservative and the only botanical insect repellent additive for exterior coatings. Their product line includes Exterior Finishes and Cleaners, Paint and Coatings Additives, Interior Finishes, and Cleaners. Nothing penetrates wood and preserves like Q8. As a matter of fact, their Q8 Log Oil is recommended by name in the Wolmanized Wood Warranty. Oxine copper is recommended by the American Wood Protection Association in the M-4 Standard.  Q8 Log Oil to their homeowners because they know it works! By protecting their customer’s investment they ensure a happy homeowner long into the future!

Product Categories

Wood Preservatives

Q8 R

Q8 LOG OIL® – Unsurpassed Wood Preservative
Build, heal end-cuts, stain and preserve your deck all on the same day.

Wood Additives

ColorBurst Jug

COLOR BURST – Concentrated Color Booster
Iron oxide color booster which adds deeper, richer color tones to Q8.

Wood Cleaners

Kleenstart Jug

KLEENSTART – Wood Cleaner
Perfect for anything that requires a good deep-down cleaning and brightening.

Pest Repellents


NBS 30® – All Natural Pest Repellent
Mix it right into your paint or stain to repel carpenter bees, ants, and more.

Inside Stains

bucket inside inside satin

INSIDE SATIN – Interior Finish
Interior stain specifically formulated for log homes.

Inside Finishes

bucket inside lo glos

INSIDE LO-GLOS – Low Gloss Interior Finish
Clear interior finish with slight sheen and low gloss.