Festool SYS Accessory Set VAC SYS VT Sort

Set includes three Vacuum Cups (580066, 580064, 580065) not included with Clamping Modules. In Systainer SYS 3.

This is an accessory for the VAC SYS System and VAC SYS System SET. Discover additional VAC SYS accessories: VAC PMP Vacuum Pump; VAC SYS SE 1 Clamping Module; VAC SYS SE 2 Clamping Module (includes additional clamping module and oblong vacuum cup); Vacuum Cup D 215, Round; Vacuum Cup VT 275x100, Oblong; Vacuum Cup VT 200x60, Small; Vacuum Cup VT 277x32, Narrow; MFT Clamp; Foot Valve FV; Vacuum Hose D 16 x 5m

This product works with: VAC SYS SE 1, VAC SYS SE 2