Meet Our Team: Interior Designer Christine Abbott

November 14, 2018

Meet Our Team: Interior Designer Christine Abbott

Christine Abbott has been wrapped up in color and design most of her life, having been a creative kid and later, a graduate of Becker College with a degree in Interior Design.

An early career detour took Christine to Cincinnati before returning to New England. She found employment with an architect firm and a construction company, applying her expertise to working with clients to create the homes of their dreams. Thanks to her innate love of all things fabric, she signed on to become a consultant with JC Penney’s In-Home Custom Drapery Treatments.

Today, Christine is a member of the Interior Design Society and the American Society of Home Staging & Redesigning and loves being part of The Color House family. “The most rewarding thing about what I do is hearing customers tell me that I was helpful,” she says with a smile. As for Christine’s longtime love of fabrics, it still endures. “When designing a room, color inspiration can be drawn from any number of sources, whether it be an area rug, a favorite gift or a special trinket,” she says. “But more often than not, my own color inspiration still comes from a piece of artwork or a really great fabric.”

What are your favorite spaces to design and why?

The family room and the master bedroom. The family room is where a family feels most at ease, and it’s where everyone interprets comfort and cozy differently. The master bedroom has a particular feeling or a mood that can enhanced by good design.

What color do you love to work with most?

One color that works in most scenarios is Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight White OC-125. Using white for trims and ceilings make them clean and bright but it’s important to remember that some whites can add a light reflection that may be a bit too bright for today’s neutrals like taupe and gray.

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Paint or wallpaper?

Every home should have wallpaper! The wallpapers today are of so much better quality than they were in the ‘80s and ‘90s. It is truly a form of artwork. In fact, the law of balance tells me that if more than one color of paint is needed in a room, then a bit of wallpaper will do wonders.

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What was your room like when you were a kid? When I was 10, I shared a room with my 11-year-old sister. Our parents let me decorate, and I mistakenly thought contact paper was wallpaper (which wasn’t easy to remove)! Even then, I never thought that using bright paint colors was the answer to creating energy. Energy came in the form of posters and hanging up other fun things 10-year-olds like.

Is there a design “rule” that deserves to be busted? That you must work within the same paint color swatch; just because the swatch has dark-to-light shades in the same color does not mean that they have to be used together. I tend to realize a more rewarding design when colors are matched horizontally from different paint swatches.

Are you a fan of TV design shows? Honestly, I find that those shows are confusing to most people. The designers often use the style they are most comfortable or because they know what sells. I prefer to pick up a design magazine where there are different styles on every page and more realistic results.

What designer or artist would you love to spend a day with? I would’ve happily followed Michelangelo around. He had a limited range of paint colors, yet knew which ones combined would create beauty.

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